M & DB Design provides a wide variety of services to please our clients!   

Please browse our services below.

 If you don't find what you are looking for please contact  M&DB Design  and we will do our best to assist your needs.

CAD Drafting

 Design Drawings, Structural Steel Drawings, Piping, Transitions, Cutting & Wraparound Templates, Flat Layouts,

 Shop-Detail Fabrication Drawings.


Prototype Design Drawings

 Prototype products accurately drawn from your sketches and to your specifications.

 Include 3-D model and detail of every parts used.

 Parts and Materials Location

 M&DB will also provide material suppliers and manufacturer to help you construct your prototype product.

 Assembly Drawings

 Fully assembled or exploded views, with interferences and clearances checked.

 3-D Model / Assembly, Details and Shop drawings

 For clients requiring shop drawings, M&DB creates  3-D master model - from a single part to a complex assembly. 

Bills of Materials

 Created in Excel and linked to your drawings. Full cost estimating available for your project.


        Reworking / Modification of Existing Drawings

 Any drawing: paper or CAD.  M&DB Design will modify it as needed and bring it up to your latest standards.


        Project cost estimating-Quote

 You send us your project and we will provide you with full costs of:



-labor and subcontracting req'd

-finish (cleaning, painting, galvanizing)



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